The Ultimate Coating System

Ultracoat is an innovative 100% epoxy structural coating system that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or solvents.

The coating is applied using patented equipment and produces an exceptional chemical resistant, waterproof reinforcing coating.

Ultracoat is quick and simple to apply, it is sprayed hot, using a patented delivery system thereby ensuring a consistent quality, and can have an asset back in service two hours after the application process.

It can be used on a wide variety of substrates including, but not limited to:

Concrete, Brick, Steel, Vitrified & Clay Pipes, Cast Iron, Asbestos, Fibreglass and PVC.

Ultracoat can be applied to damp substrates and consequently greatly increases its usability and speed of application. The result is significantly reduced application times and reduced over pumping costs.

Why Use Ultracoat?

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Corrosion is a well known and documented problem throughout the world. Warren Environmental developed Ultracoat to combat the rapid and extensive damage that the presence of H2S gases can have on water, chemical and waste infrastructure.

To date over 50,000 manholes, many chambers and kilometres of pipes, sewers and tunnels have been completed with ZERO failures.

The use of Ultracoat can significantly reduce asset rehabilitation time and costs.

Ultracoat has many application possibilities, including:

Manholes/Chambers, Sewers, Tanking, Tunnels, Settlement Tanks, Pumping Chambers, Odour Control Units, Aquaducts, Culverts, Food Plants, Processing Plants, Breweries, Pumping Stations, Underground Transport Systems, Chemical Plants, Bunds, Storage Tanks, Marine Application (on board or at shore). 

Key Features and Benefits of Using Ultracoat

  • 100% solid

  • AS/NZS4020: 2005 Approved

  • High Chemical Resistance 50 year expected lifespan

  • A Structurally reinforcing waterproof coating system No harmful VOC’s

  • Excellent in confined spaces

  • Ultracoat can be applied to and bonds well to damp substrates

  • Up to 20mm thickness in one coat Excellent adhesion to damp substrates Excellent resistance to H2S attack

  • 15 years of in field use with ZERO failures

  • Fast to apply, services quickly back in use, reduced associated major costs on over pumping compared to other systems

  • Does not promote algae or bacteria growth

  • Patented delivery system ensuring consistent quality Non toxic

  • Excellent for confined spaces

  • Structural waterproof coating Reinforces and waterproofs, bridges and fills cracks and voids

  • Very high chemical resistance

  • High temperature and flame resistant 

  • Simple cleaning and preparation methods

  • A full range of coatings and mastics for any surface conditions High build thickness in one coat

  • No primers required

Historical Background

The Ultracoat system was developed by Danny Warren of Warren Environmental Inc. fifteen years ago.

To date over 50,000 manholes, many chambers and kilometres of pipes, sewers and tunnels have been comleted with ZERO failures.

The Ultracoat system can be applied up to 20mm thick in one application with no slumping, has minimal over spray and does not drip even when applied to overhead surfaces. The Ultracoat system includes mastics, primers and fire retardent grades, all 100% solids with no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Ultracoat significantly reinforces the structure it is applied to as well as providing a waterproof and higly chemical resistant coating.

Independent tests by the University of North Carolina have shown that badly corroded concrete pipes when coated (6mm Thickness) with ultracoat have tested comprehensive strength 20% higher than new concrete pipes. The smooth finish also enhances flow characteristics of the pipe.

The IKT (German test house) has extensively tested (both field and laboratory) and approved the Ultracoat system. The results show it out performs any other product in the market place. The system is currently under test with WRC with an approval pending.

Ultracoat produces a durable, tough, white coating with excellent mechanical properties and superb adhesion to most substrates.

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