Australia's infrastructure is under increasingly high demand for continual maintenance due to the high levels of gases, microbacterial and biological attack.

As these resources are the main arteries of Australia's underground infrastructure, it is even more important to protect and preserve these assets.

JDP Applications' use of Ultracoat can preserve and protect our valuable assets, whilst keeping the efficiency of our network operable by eliminating the need for network bypass. Should a network bypass be required, our skilled staff can facilitate a complete flow management system, that will comply with Australia's Environmental Standards.

Ultracoat can be applied to damp services, eliminating the need to keep the asset out of service for extended periods. Ultracoat at 6mm has a tensile strength of 80mpa, providing and replacing structural integrity to the damaged concrete. Once JDP Applications has applied Ultracoat, the asset can then be put back into service within 2 hours.

Pump Station Rehabilitation