Pipe Doctor

For the quick and easy repair of pipes ranging in a number of sizes,

JDP Applications uses Pipe Doctor, a no-dig, pipe repair solution that provides a permanent, quick and easy method of repairing damaged sewer and storm water pipes.

Pipe Doctor is installed internally and eradicates the need for costly, disruptive and time consuming excavation work. This provides both pedestrian and vehicle traffic free access, whilst sewer and drainage repairs are carried out underground. Pipe Doctor will also be able to set within a wet or fully submerged environment.

JDP Applications uses High Pressure jets to clean the inside pipes, and state of the art technology to remove ground water and root infiltrations, this technology is also used to ensure junction pipes are free from debris and blockages.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use no dig application

  • Cures in the presence of water

  • No need for resin mixing buckets or measuring containers

  • Permanent and watertight pipe repair

  • Environmentall and ecologically friendly

  • Cured resin is non-flamable, non-hazardous and odourless.

  • Cured product has been water jet tested to 8000kpa

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Negligible shrinkage to a maximum of only 0.06%

  • Drain cleaning and CCTV inspection equipment

  • Reduces site wastage

  • Suitable for use in confined spaces.