Manhole Rehabilitation

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in wastewater collection and treatment systems. Significant corrosion can occur to unprotected concrete when sulphide generation in wastewater is not controlled.

Odours from manholes or wastewater treatment facilities create significant nuisance problems for most agencies.

A major cause of odours is Hydrogen Sulphide, a gas detectable at extremely low concentrations.

As Australia's manholes are increasingly in need of repair, manhole rehabilitation has become a more urgent matter for governing bodies. 

JDP Application's use of Ultracoat will eliminate inflow and infiltration’s whilst also providing structural reinforcement for assets in need of repair. Unlike sacrificial or intermediate products, which have a high rate of degradation, Ultracoat tolerates higher levels of contamination with a design life of 50 years and beyond. 

Since it is much less expensive to rehabilitate manholes than to excavate and replace them, it can be expected that manhole rehabilitation will continue to be a growing segment in the Australian sewage industry.

JDP Applications and its skilled staff can bring your assett back to it's original size and condition with out the need for any bypasses or interventions, reducing costs and time spent on a project.

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