Lid Replacement

JDP Applications supply a range of new & innovative SMC covers for their valued customers.

SMC stands for Sheet Moulding Compound. It is made up of Fibreglass and Unsaturated Polyester Resin. This has a higher stretch resistance and bend resistance compared with other materials.

In comparison to traditional ductile cast iron, SMC is able to meet and exceed loading rating for A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900. In accordance to En124.


Colour Options:

Other benefits include;

  • Safety no heat or electricity conduction, anti-slip surface guarantees safe road conditions even in extreme weather.

  • Light weight on average these are 30% lighter than the cast iron equivalent which is significant in manual handling, less weight allowing more to be transported per load.

  • Anti-corrosion no rust which allows the cover to keep its shape & negates the rusty stain around the tops of manholes.

  • UV resistant the covers won’t fade or become sun brittle. This means they won’t become a cosmetic eye sore in the environment.

  • Value the SMC covers are cheaper than their competitors & can also be supplied with a customer logo.

  • Carbon Footprint during manufacturing carbon emission is lower compared to cast iron lids.

  • Durability rubber seal stops gasses emerging, High temp rating up to 200c and 30 year theoretical service life at normal road conditions.