About Us

Established in the year 2008, JDP Applications is a solution based, protective coatings company specializing in the applications of Ultracoat, which is a 100% solids structural epoxy with no VOCs. JDP Applications have been applying Ultracoat for over 8 years with nothing but success around Australia. The product is very diverse and has been proven unbeatable in the Water, Chemical and Waste industries.

JDP Applications have applied Ultracoat to thousands of manholes and Pump Stations throughout Australia. Ultracoat can have an asset back into service within 2 hours once applied. JDP Applications also encompass all aspects of concrete repair from chemical bunding, treatment plants, mining, agricultural, oil industry and large diameter pipe relining and pipe repairs.

When choosing JDP Applications you are choosing more than just a coatings company, you are choosing a company that looks toward innovation through technology. JDP Applications prides itself on providing our customers with qualities that encapsulates every aspect of our coatings range and affiliated products. JDP Applications believe through quality and productivity our clients will benefit through value for money and longevity of the work performed.